Power Pussy Reveals

1.  How do you submit a Power Pussy post?

Firstly, nice alliteration.  Secondly, we uploaded the original, blank photo onto memegenerator.net.  Just go to the Search box, enter “power pussy says,” and click on the image.  Then let your Power Pussy do the talking.

2.  Who’re the brains behind the Power Pussy?

So glad you asked.  And so glad you referred to them as “the brains.” Keri (HappyFeminist.tumblr.com), Kristan (GoodGeology.tumblr.com), and Vickie (DailyNerdgasms.tumblr.com) make up the Power Pussy Team.  And they’re starting to feel uncomfortable with talking in third person.

3.  What’s the general idea behind Power Pussy?

It all started when Vickie noticed she had quite a large feminist following on her personal blog.  She and her followers found themselves repeating certain arguments, over and over again, to anti-feminists.  At the same time, she had just become obsessed with Emotionally Volatile Bear.  She decided to put two and two together and create an outlet for all the other Power Pussies out there.  In a witty and “approachable” way, of course.

4.  Can men be Power Pussies?

Absolutely.  True feminists don’t exclude men by preaching man-hate.  Anyone who supports the deconstruction of effeminacy, or takes pride in what society deems “effeminate  behavior” — whether in a FAAB [Female Assigned at Birth] or in a MAAB [Male Assigned at Birth] or in a queer person, etc. — is a friend of mine.  Wear that pussy badge proud!

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